Sunshine Acres Farm Photography Session $85

We welcome photographers as a destination for “farm/rustic photography”. Photographers may reserve semi-private 2 hour sessions to bring their own clients to the farm for the purpose of mini-sessions, engagement photos, family portraits, and the like. *The lavender field will begin to come to life in late June when it is prime for cutting flowers before they bloom. The field will be "photo-worthy" with the most purple in July as the blooms open showing more purple. * We begin hosting our Upick events starting June 22nd and continue to late July. So the window for private photography sessions with the most color are the weekdays between our Upick events while the farm is closed to the public. *Please note, guests are cutting flowers and reducing the volume of purple as the dates progress. We have not run out of flowers in over 4 years and our plants are twice as big as they were years ago. * You are always welcome to take photos for FREE when attending regular Upick events. * If you book a semi-private photo session, photographer will have use of the entire property including the field, pond, barn and all surrounding areas, excluding the interior of the animal field/pen and our home. * Our animals are not included for use in photos but feel free to bring your own pets. (on leash only) We have a livestock guardian dog onsite to protect our free range chickens and ducks. * Please read the full contract when making your reservations to see more details and limitations. In addition to the lavender field, there are plenty of other beautiful spots around the farm. Each season brings an amazing display of color and texture in the landscape. The colorful Fall tree line always provides an amazing backdrop. Winter scenes look amazing against our classic black wooden fence line and snowy days look like a wonderland, especially near the pond. (If you would like to book a photography session outside of lavender season, call or message us directly for availability.)