Sunshine Acres Farm Photography Sessions

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Sunshine Acres Farm Photography Session $50 +tax

We welcome photographers year round as a destination for “farm/rustic photography”.

*The lavender field will begin to flower and show the initial hint of purple buds in late May and early June.
*By mid June, the flower buds begin to open and bloom.
*And by end of June, the flowers peak!

****IMPORTANT May 2019 Lavender update:
We recently discovered our lavender field has likely been hit by a root rot disease called phytophthora. This will sadly cause a slow death to each plant and there is no cure. We are having tests run by Clemson University to confirm the disease. (It is no harm to humans)

Our youngest plants (150+plants) are fully green and already sending up flower spikes that will bloom later in June. They will do great this season; but sadly, they will suffer the same fate and start to die off at the beginning of next summer.
Our 1 year old+ plants (650+plants) are showing some green and will send out some flowers, BUT the core of the plant has already started to die and appears brown and wilted in patches.

We are heartbroken at the possible impending loss of our entire beautiful field that we love sharing with you and hundreds of people each year. We plan to reinvest and rebuild our lavender dreams in other fields on our property with fresh plants and resources.

**What does that mean for photography?
You will still find pockets of beautiful young lavender to capture close up shots with the flowers and your clients.
You will still have the entire farm to use for rustic farm photography…… Barn, fields, pond, classic black fence, and our newly installed and restored iron scroll gate (gorgeous!) But you will likely not get a wide photo shot of the field without encountering the plants that have already started to die off.

We do expect all flowers/blooms to be harvested and gone after our July 6th Upick event. So pick your photography dates with the above in mind. The field will rebloom and send up another display of beautiful purple in August if weather conditions are right.

In addition to the lavender field, there are plenty of other beautiful spots around the farm. Each season brings an amazing display of color and texture in the landscape. The colorful Fall tree line always provides an amazing backdrop. Winter scenes look amazing against our classic black wooden fence line and snowy days look like a wonderland, especially near the pond.

*Photographer will have use of the entire property including the field, pond, barn and all surrounding areas, excluding the interior of the animal field/pen.

*Our animals are not included for use in photos but feel free to bring your own pets. (on leash)

(2 hours)
$ 53.50

Use of Photography Props $15 +tax

If you would like to use our props there is an additional charge of $15. Here is a gallery of the props we currently have:


$ 16.05